Hyundai Staria Price in Pakistan 2024

Hyundai Staria Price in Pakistan 2024
PKR 8,364,000-11,009,000
*Ex-Showroom Price in Pakistan

Engine (upto)
1998 cc


Mileage (upto)
8-10 KM/L

Recently, Hyundai company has launched a new vehicle, and people also seeking the Hyundai Staria Price in Pakistan 2024. Hyundai Staria is a completely great family car with a luxurious, sophisticated, and decent design with a large seating capacity, and a comfortable ride. Staria is all one by its feature with folding seats it can be used for different purposes like business trips and family days out. This is a completely futuristic car with modern features and looks. Staria is a perfect combination of car and technology with comfort and elegance. Staria is one that vehicle gives you a premium look and feel both exterior and interior. Further, fuel mileage, fuel tank capacity, and Hyundai Staria Price in Pakistan 2024 information is going to be mentioned below.

Hyundai Staria Price in Pakistan 2024

Hyundai Staria has launched in Pakistan and now people are seeking the Hyundai Staria Price in Pakistan 2024 which is going to be mentioned below. Hyundai Staria launched its top-of-the-line HGS variant in Pakistan which is full of features and specs. Staria X-factory price is PKR 8,364,000. Customers book Hyundai Staria at half of the price and it’s delivered in two to three months.

Variants Ex-showroom Price
Hyundai Staria 3.5 A/T PKR 8,364,000
Hyundai Staria 2.2D M/T PKR 8,499,000
Hyundai Staria 2.2D A/T PKR 8,909,000
Hyundai Staria HGS PKR 11,009,000

Hyundai Staria Price in Pakistan 2022

Hyundai Staria Exterior:

Staria’s look is esthetic from the exterior with his modern design and beautiful shape. This vehicle looks extremely futuristic from the front, side, and rear end the Full LED Headlamps, Retractable Side Mirrors with Turn Signal, And at the rear side Parametric Pixel Lights (LED Rear Combination Lamp) enhance his gorgeous look. Staria’s 18’’ alloy wheel design is totally new and in a star shape which looks very awesome from the side profile of the car.

Hyundai Staria Exterior

Hyundai Staria Interior:

When you sit in the first thing Passengers observe is Full lengthy side windows and a dual sunroof which look extremely luxurious. Heated and ventilated seats give a very comfortable and peaceful ride with an 8’’ floating infotainment display which helps you to enjoy the moment of the ride and also a 10.25” TFT Info Digital Display for the diver which helps the driver with all the necessary information on screen while driving. On the safety side, there is 6 airbag in this car.

Hyundai Staria Interior

Hyundai Staria Features:

Staria is full of features it has 4 different driving moods such as ECO Mood, SPORTS Mood, NORMAL Mood, and SMART Mood with a V6 Engine size. His tyres size is also big it comes with 17’’ tyres and halogen headlights with DRL’S. If we discuss the Multimedia side there is TFT LCD and six good quality speakers with Bluetooth, AUX, and USB options also the dual-zone manual air conditioner and heater available in this vehicle features are important with safety so there are airbags, Traction control ABS + EBD and brake assist BA also available.

  • 4 different driving moods
  • V6 Engine size
  • 17’’ tyres
  • Traction control
  • ABS + EBD and brake assist BA
  • airbags

Hyundai Staria Specifications:

Specifications STARIA HGS 3.5 A/T
Engine Type ? III 3.5 MPI (Smart stream G 3.5)
Cylinders 6 (V Type)
Emission Standard EURO 2
Transmission 8 Speed Automatic Transmission
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 75L
Drive 2WD
Drive Mode Select Eco, Sports, Normal, Smart
Manual Shift Mode (Paddle Shift)
Keyless Entry Smart Entry
Wheel Size 18″
Tyre Size 235/55 R18
AIR Bags 6
Seating capacity 11 persons
Parking Sensors yes
Auto Light Control yes
Auto Cruise Control yes
Steering Wheel Remote Control (Audio + BT with Voice Recognition)
Multimedia 8’’ Display
Rear and Front View Camera yes
Number of speakers 6

Hyundai Staria Dimensions

Length 5253  mm
Width 1997 mm
Height 1990 mm
Wheelbase 3273 mm
Ground Clearance 186mm

Hyundai Staria Top Speed

Due to the power full engine size, Hyundai Staria top speed is 210 km and its V6 engine produces 331 Newton meters of Torque.

  • 210 km

Hyundai Staria Commercial Van

Staria is also used as a commercial van because of its cabin space and comfortable seats this vehicle is used as a loading vehicle because of its power and full engine size.

  • Yes

Hyundai Staria Fuel Consumption

Hyundai Staria mileage per litter is 8 km on busy and traffic roads and 10 km on long routes such as highways or motorways.

  • 8 km

Hyundai Staria Diesel

Some people are seeking a fuel type for this vehicle that is using commercial. So, Only the petrol variant HGS of Staria is launched in Pakistan which is a petrol variant, not a diesel variant.

  • Petrol

Hyundai Staria Engine

These days hybrid technology has been introduced in Pakistan so those people who are interested in this vehicle now want to know the engine type that has been inserted into this vehicle by the company. In Staria there is a smart stream G 3.5 engine with 6 v-type cylinders with 8-speed automatic transmissions.

  • Simple Engine installed not hybrid
  • 1998 Cc

Hyundai Staria Competitors

Multiple Chinese companies have come into the Pakistani automobile market, giving commercial vehicles as well Hyundai company launched one new big vehicle that you can use for commercial. Further competitors of this vehicle are going to be in below.

  • Toyota Alphard
  • Kia Carnival
  • Toyota Hi Ac

Hyundai Staria Accessories

  • Will update soon as confirmed by any official source.

Hyundai Staria Boot Space

Because its cabin size is very large there are 841 Liters of boot space available in this type of vehicle which is sufficient. If you use it commercially you can remove the seats and increase the boot space.

  • 841 Liters Boot Space

Hyundai Staria Ground Clearance

People are living in rural and urban areas but those who are living in rural now seeking ground clearance for this vehicle. so the ground clearance of the Hyundai Staria is 186 mm.

  • 186 MM

Now, you can take the complete information about Hyundai Staria Price in Pakistan 2024 is mentioned on this page as well till now only one variant has been launched, and when they launch another variant we will share it on this page.

How much will the Hyundai Staria cost?

Hyundai Staria is now available in the Pakistani market as well some of the audience is finding how much will the Hyundai Staria cost which is 9.2 Million Rupees.

Is Hyundai Staria a 7-seater?

Hyundai Staria is not a 7 seater this is 11 seater vehicle that was launched by the Hyundai Company.

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