4 Wheeler Bikes in Pakistan Prices 2024 Specs and Photos Honda Suzuki

Here we are discussing 4 Wheeler Bikes in Pakistan Prices 2024. 4-wheeler bikes are a rather new idea that has risen and people find them to be very comfortable, especially for children who are small in age they are the safest bikes to operate. These bikes are 49cc ATV BIKE that can be run on petrol and battery alike. The best thing about these bikes is that they provide convenience with safety. All those people who need bikes that help them provide safe conveyance to their children who are not very age-appropriate for bikes can be given this bike.

4 Wheeler Bikes in Pakistan Prices 2024

The prices of these bikes start from 25,000 PKR to 400,000 PKR according to different engine specifications. These bikes are mostly from China.

4 Wheeler Bikes Price in Pakistan 25,000 PKR to 400,000 PKR

4-wheeler bikes are not ordinary bikes, it has almost a lot of different specifications that are also found in other advanced bikes. So here are the features that make it a perfect vehicle. These bikes are easy to drive as it does not require any balance so the chance of accidents while using this bike is also less. These bikes are available at different dealers.

4 Wheeler Bikes in Pakistan Prices Specs and Photos Honda Suzuki 4 Wheeler Bikes in Pakistan Prices Specs and Photos Honda Suzuki driverpk

Specifications of the Bike that are perfect:

The specifications of this bike are as follows:

Model Honda Suzuki
Horsepower 11 Horse Power
Top speed 35 km/per Hour
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.4 liters
Available color Red, Black Color
Engine 4-stroke
Displacement 150cc
Load Capacity 80 kg
Price PKR 25,000
  • The engine type that is installed in it is a Single cylinder which is air cooling and most of all the best part is it being four-stroke.
  • The ignition mode of this bike is Electronic.
  • The Start mode of the bike is also Electric.
  • The fuel tank capacity of the 4-wheeler bike is 2.4L and this is when it is operated on petrol, not on batteries.
  • For the bike to be Battery operated two batteries of 12V are used and no petrol is used in this mode.
  • The driving mode of the bike is Rear wheel drive.
  • The maximum speed it may reach up to is 35km/h and this is the safe speed for driving the bike for small children.
  • The break type of this bike is in the front and rear Drum and Disc respectively.
  • The load capacity that this bike can endure is of 80Kg.

Made in China this is a phenomenal bike that can be used easily by people of almost all ages, especially the ones who are growing kids and need their own vehicle to drive to their schools. Parents can be now left at ease of mind as this is a bike designed to provide complete safety to the driver.

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    • salaamalykum bhai,do not make mistake of buyng china atv unless you have known mechanic in your area who will maintain the atv,they are very cheap quality and nuts and bolt do not stay in place after few hours of riding,i only comment advice cos you said you are disable in sha Allah i dont want you to struggle. i have owned china atv in pak,both headache yaar,if you buy legit original honda/suzuki then thats better choice its better quality but maybe expensive like 4lakh+ ,but do not buy china atvs,they are only good for people who can maintain them regularly and that is difficult. unless your a millionaire and money is no issue and you have servants to run errands then,why not. but if moneys tight NO CHINA ATVS :).

  1. if you guys go to pizza hut mangla,near there is small shop,and he sells decent price,or else you can go to lahore but be careful who you buy from in lahore,look around 3-4 different shops and look at prices,theres alot of fraudsters in lahore

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